Nars Sheer Matte Foundation Reviews – Insider Picks of 2018

NARS reinvents foundation presents to you a modern formulation designed to enhance the look and feel of your natural complexion without masking it. As you will find in all NARS sheer matte foundation review, it comes in a weightless formula that blends evenly all over the skin easily, diminishing the appearance of spots and marks. It delivers a sophisticated finish by evening out the skin tone and enhances the natural shine.

Enriched in skin care benefits and the NARS Exclusive Complexion Brightening Formula, this makes your skin tone look bright, plump and soft. The matte-finish formula promises a luminous yet oil-free tone through the day and evening.​

NARS matte foundation in DARK 3 BENARES SHEER MATTE (6420) color delivers perfectly on its promise. It glides on the skin very easily to deliver an even skin tone. Since this is very light, it never masks your skin and as a result your skin texture appears natural in an oil-free matte finish. As you continue on this product, it brightens up your skin tone and makes it smooth.

Customers who have tried this product love it very much from day one and continue on this with high level of satisfaction.

NARS sheer matte foundation in the DARK 4 KHARTOUM SHEER MATTE (6421) color will apply on evenly with full coverage that you are looking for. Even a small amount goes a long way and stays on pretty well all day. This true matte foundation will make your skin appear more like your natural skin in an improved and naturally shiny look, while controls the oil from appearing.

The matte foundation should be your perfect match if you have a darker skin and are looking for a little orange tone. While the NARS sheer matte foundation blends pretty perfectly to give a natural finish, it quite effectively manages to cover any dark spots you may have. Overall this is amazing.

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation, Benares will truly match your skin tone to perfection if you have a dark complexion and want your makeup to stay flawlessly for long hours.

As you apply, preferably using a beauty blender, it spreads all over your skin very nicely to create an even tone. This bendable foundation goes on smooth with a blender (or even with a brush) and you can build your desired coverage from medium to full.​

Additionally, it does very well with blemishes and gives a flawless finish. It will work pretty well on users having a too oily skin and who are looking for matte foundations. It will prevent the skin from looking too oily at the end of the day. To get best result with this product, you must not over apply a moisturizer or a primer prior to using the foundation.

Final Verdict

Overall, NARS sheer matte foundation is amazingly good in giving a matte finish to your dark skin and making it appear naturally beautiful. They blend well in a slightly orange tone and even out on your skin perfectly, and allow you to build up your desired coverage. They blur blemishes significantly to create a flawless appearance. The brightening and skin-benefitting formula improves your skin texture as you continue using this product over a long period of time. The total blended finish on your face and neck will appear seamless and very natural.

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