How to Clean Beauty Blender Without Cleanser

Beauty blender is an amazing makeup tool, which helps to blend makeups flawlessly. A DIY beauty blender can be effectively used for more than 3 months, if it is well maintained by cleaning regularly. Cleaning will ensure that there is no bacteria buildup on the blender, which will further help to avoid unwanted breakouts. Regular cleaning will also ensure that your DIY beauty blender performs as effectively as a new one.

How to clean beauty blender sponge without cleanser? There are a number of beauty blender cleanser alternatives available. You should continue reading this article till the end to discover the two most effective alternatives for an expensive beauty blender cleanser.

1) Baby shampoo

The simplest way to clean your beauty blender without using expensive cleanser would be to use baby shampoo. Just follow the below steps and you will get your beauty blender cleaned in a few minutes:

  • Step-1: Wet the beauty blender sponge with lukewarm water and let it appear in its full size
  • Step-2: Squeeze the sponge repeatedly under the warm water
  • ​Step-3: Apply baby shampoo all over the sponge
  • Step-4: Rub and squeeze the sponge with your hand and reapply shampoo as needed
  • Step-5: Rinse with water and squeeze nicely so that all the stains remove
  • ​Step-6: As you see only clear water coming out of the sponge, no bubble or no stains, you are done
  • Step-7: Squeeze the sponge nicely to drain out all the water and roll it with a clean cloth/towel to eliminate moisture
  • Step-8: Let it dry naturally

2) Dish detergent and olive oil

To deep clean your beauty blender, you can also use a combination of dish detergent and olive oil.The olive oil will help to breakdown the makeups in your beauty blender and the dish detergent will help clean it intensively.​ Follow the below steps.

  • Step-1: Take 2 tablespoon dish detergent on a plate and add 1 tablespoon olive oil and mix nicely
  • Step-2: Wet your beauty blender with clean water and squeeze softly to drain the water out
  • ​Step-3: Apply the mixture all over blender
  • Step-4: Message, press and squeeze it and work on the stained areas with your fingertips
  • Step-5: Rinse with water and squeeze nicely so that all the stains vanish during this process
  • Step-6: Squeeze and rinse until the blender is fully cleaned
  • Step-7: Roll it with a clean cloth/towel to eliminate moisture
  • Step-8: Let it dry naturally

Final Thoughts

Just apply any of the techniques discussed to keep your blender usable for a longer period. These are not only cheaper alternatives but also very effective to deliver good results.

Maria Lira
Maria Lira

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