How to apply mousse foundation?

Applying foundation is an important makeup skill, which most of the beauty conscious women would like to learn. This skill involves mostly to understand the skin type, identify makeup requirements and select the right product. Last but not the least one must know how to apply mousse foundation correctly.

What is Foundation?

What is Foundation

Foundation is a type of cosmetic, which is used to make a base for other cosmetics as well as to cover all the flaws on the skin. A foundation mostly covers or does the followings:

  • Discoloration of skin
  • Skin’s imperfections
  • Hide pores
  • Cover up acne scars
  • Smooth out texture of the skin

Things to be considered while buying a foundation

  • Identify your requirements to determine whether you need a light, medium or full coverage
  • Know your skin type and select the foundation accordingly
  • Select the foundation color according to your skin tone
  • Always look for good brands
  • Know users’ satisfaction rate
  • Look at the price to determine how much you want to spend

What is mousse foundation?

Mousse foundation is an air-whipped liquid makeup, which gives a matte finish as well as a weightless feel. This foundation is able to cover all the flaws on your skin as well as give a silky and velvety feel. Mousse foundation is highly pigmented, therefore, a little amount is enough to get the desired coverage.

8 simple steps that answer how to apply mousse foundation properly

what is mousse foundation

Step-1: Wash your face before applying the makeup.

Step-2: Take a small amount of mousse foundation.

Step-3: Apply the foundation to your skin, especially to the following areas:

  • Cheek
  • Chin
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Throat

Step-4: Blend the foundation using your fingers.

Step-5: Start from the center of your face to outwards.

Step-6: Give special attention to cover earlobe areas (where the hair starts to grow) and dark circle areas (under your eyes).

Step-7: Use a makeup brush to give a final touch to finely blend the foundation.

Step-8: At the end, apply a thin layer of translucent loose face powder or pressed powder.

Mousse foundation for various skin types

Mousse foundation for dry skin

  • Mousse foundation is suitable for all types of skin. This foundation is air-whipped and often contain oil (works as a moisturizer to the skin). That is why it works well on dry skin.

Mousse foundation for oily skin

  • If you have oily skin, select an oil-free mousse foundation for your makeup work.
  • You also need to select a face wash, which is infused with glycolic acid. Wash your face with your selected face wash before applying the foundation.

Makeup can help you look as gorgeous as you would like to look. A makeup can also give you a real hard time, if do not select the right product and apply properly. Therefore, it is important for you to give equal importance to identifying and picking the foundation that will work for you right and knowing how to apply mousse foundation correctly.

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