Best Morphe Makeup Brushes – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Morphe makeup brushes have become synonymous with quality at affordable price. They are great for sensitive skin as they are made of high quality material and are soft yet bristle. They offer versatility in creating a superb finish for both wet and dry application.

The brushes are essential for the professional makeup artist. They allow you to create professional delicacies through their ability to evenly blend all over, reach delicate areas and create variations in shades as you want. Morphe brushes are made with non-animal product. Have a look at the best morphe makeup brushes to pick your best: 

Top 5 Best Morphe Makeup Brushes

#1 Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSH SET (Set 686)

Morphe 18 PIECE VEGAN Variety Makup BRUSHES are great for any type of liquid, powder or cream application and to achieve a professional finish at home. It is the high quality of the brushes that has helped the brand greeted by professional makeup artists. The brushes are manufactured with high quality materials to deliver a soft yet professional touch.

To create a superb blending of multiple shades and allow a complete finish, the Morphe 18 Piece Vegan Brush Set contains a Pointed Liner Brush, a Lip Brush, a Smudger Brush, an Angle Liner Brush, a Flat Liner Brush, a Mini Concealer, a Small Shadow Brush, a Concealer Brush, a Deluxe Blending Crease, an Oval Shadow Brush, a Deluxe shadow Brush, an Angled Blender Brush, a Pointed Foundation Brush, a Contour Brush, a Bronzer Brush, an Angle Blush Brush, a Powder Brush, a Deluxe Fan Brush. Together they give you the freedom to build shades and tone your face and neck as you want.

#2 Morphe 10 Piece Vegan Makeup Brush Set (Set 680)

Morphe Brushes have gained a strong foothold in the makeup products market for the superior quality that people expect from famous brands targeted mainly to professionals. The brush set comes at a fraction of the price of reputed brands. As you apply, you will notice the flawless finish that it brings delicately and perfectly using Morphe 10 Piece Vegan Brush Set.

The brushes are soft yet bristle and are great for liquid, powder or cream application and to achieve precise coverage. The premium quality makes these brushes essential for professional makeup as well as high definition personal makeup. Beginners will find them amazing as they make applications easier and flawless. The cute case that contains the brushes is compact enough to fit into your travelling bag without occupying much space. The set includes an Oval Lip, a Pointed Liner, an Angled Liner, a Concealer, an Oval Fluff, a Chisel Fluff, a Deluxe Eye Shadow, a Flat Oval Foundation, a Tapered Blush and a Tapered Powder brush. 

#3 Morphe 9 Piece Deluxe Vegan MakeUp Brush Set (Set 502)

If you want a quality product at an affordable price, you must have Morphe Brushes as your best pick. As you apply your make up using these brushes, you will be surprised to see the flawless finish that they bring. The Morphe 9 Piece Deluxe Vegan Set brushes feature a matte black birch wood handle and a polished chrome ferrule. Be it for personal use or for professional makeup, Morphe Brushes will meet your unique need.

The Brush Set contains a Flat Foundation Brush, an Angle Blush Brush, a Tapered Powder Brush, a Flat Bronzer Brush, a Chisel Fluff Brush, an Oval Flat Brush, a Soft Fan Brush, a Round Crease Brush and Angel liner Brush to help you explore your creativity and bring a high definition look.

#4 Morphe Deluxe Makeup Buffer Brush (M439)

The Morphe Deluxe Buffer make-up brushes have a fine synthetic bristles that pick up creams and powders with minimal fallout. They evenly blend foundations and cream-based makeup and give a flawless coverage. The brushes come in a variety of shapes and types to allow you to build on color and shades as you want.

#5 Morphe Elite Brushes Review: Morphe 8 Piece Candy Apple Red Makeup Brush Set 

The Morphe 8 Piece Candy Apple Red Set delivers the finest quality product suitable for professional as well as personal use. The shapes and the materials used in manufacturing these brushes allow easy application of makeup. These are very superior in quality and deliver all delicacies that professional makeup artists look for in brushes.

The Morphe 8 Piece Candy Apple Red Set Brush Set includes a Tapered Powder Brush, a Tapered Blush Brush, a Flat Foundation Brush, an Oval Fluff Brush, a Chisel Fluff Brush, a Pointed Crease Brush, an Angle Liner Brush and Bent Liner Brush, allowing you full freedom to build light to intense colors and shades to define your look in a gorgeous way. 

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Final Thoughts

Morphe Makeup brushes are meant for passionate makeup users, who are uncompromising in creating a flawless finish and a high definition look. The high quality brush set comes in varieties to fulfill your versatile need in covering different areas of your face and neck, requiring multiple shades. Once you start using Morphe Makeup brushes, you are likely to continue using them throughout your life.

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