Get the safest and the best hair dye brand – Insider Picks of 2020

Many of you reading this review will agree that changing hair colour transforms the look. Usually after applying color, people expect comments from others on the changed look. But, I strongly believe that you are the best judge and the best person to comment with confident as to which color makes you look better and more gorgeous than before. So, pick the best hair dye brand in your preferred color and apply in confidence. It you select it right, the color is going to define a new you!

Things to consider before buying a hair color

It is important to determine what the purpose of applying color is. It could be for the purpose of covering gray hair or looking gorgeous or both together.

  • If you just need to cover gray hair, pick a color that matches with your original hair
  • If you have a treated hair, pick the one that is suitable for treated hair
  • If you want extra shine, look for the one that promises to deliver the extra shine over key competitions
  • Duration of color may vary from brand to brand and model to model. Read the description and pick the one that fulfills your need
  • Be very careful about your selection. Some colors tend to go away with every wash very fast than you expected
  • If you fail to select a brand that does not come from a reputed source, it may lead to hair loss and making your hair brittle and straw like. So, be selective and read reviews before you spend your money.
  • If you want to use it just for the purpose of styling, you may pick any color of your choice. Before trying a completely different color than your natural hair color or before going for something that is uncommon to the people of your region and common to the people of other regions, take caution. Best way is to search for images, showing the same person in differently colored hair including the one we are planning to apply. This will give you an indication on the look you are planning to change into.

Now that you know how to pick the best hair dye brand for your hair, you should confidently keep reviewing the below brands. Each of them are widely considered as the best at home hair dye brand. They include only the best of best. Pick yours and apply in confidence.

#1 Just for Men

Just for Men is a 30-year old brand. This hair-coloring brand has been manufactured by Combe Incorporated, USA. It is designed and targeted to men, who need to cover gray hair. It has an additional product lines, offering colors to cover gray hair in beards, sideburns and mustaches. It comes in light brown, medium brown, dark brown, real black, dark blonde, sandy blond and jet black. It is manufactured with organic solvent and other ingredients that keeps the color for long time, conditions the hair, delivers antioxidant, protects the hair from UV rays, and fight against water-borne copper. The brand is widely available across the globe.

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#2 L’Oreal

L’Oréal is a brand from Paris. It is a leading total beauty care company that aims to provide affordable luxury for people who demand brilliance in beauty. It combines the highest in quality with the latest in technology. The big brand has an unparalleled commitment to innovation, technology and research, which has led to the introduction of groundbreaking products for men, women, and children of all ages and nationalities. The brand encompasses the four major beauty categories – skin care, cosmetics, hair care and hair color. We have picked some of the well-known hair color brands that are renowned for their quality and ability in delivering on what the brand promises. L’Oreal hair colors are reputed for improving the shine of the hair and long lasting colors.

L’Oréal thoroughly evaluates the safety of its colors. It does not forsake the trust that consumers place on them. The company ensures that all products and ingredients have undergone a rigorous safety assessment before they are sent to the market.

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#3 Manic Panic® Hair Color

A vegan semi-permanent dye, Manic Panic® Hair Color is excellent for both styling and covering grey hair. It comes fortified with conditioners to make your hair feel soft, look silky and also to act as filler to hair that has been pre-lightened. For excellent results, your hair should be lightened to light blonde. Results may vary according to hair texture and color. Those wanting the hair to be as bright as the color swatch have to bleach to get desired results. The product is gentle to the hair and does not contain any harmful chemicals

Caution: This product must not be used for dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes. If eye contact does occur, users should rinse with warm water immediately and contact a physician.

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#4 Naturtint® USA

Naturtint was launched in Europe in the late 1990s by one of the top cosmetics labs in Spain – Laboratorios Phergal of Madrid. It is the first permanent plant-based hair color free of ammonia.

Brenda Boice, an entrepreneurial businesswoman in the United States, established International Trade Routes in 1999. The company began its journey carrying the core value of bringing customers the highest-quality natural hair coloring products from the world. The lady had a great interest in healthy living, which she acquired while working at Herb Pharm, a leading manufacturer of liquid herbal extracts in Oregon. In her search for quality products in a world full of beauty products many of which lacked the integrity and high-quality, she discovered Phergal and Naturtint.

Phergal is a family-run private business. All its products are manufactured on own R&D laboratories and manufacturing plants. The company applies the strictest GMP standards in its products, ensuring the best quality ingredients.

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#5 Pravana

PRAVANA was created by Steve Goddard with a commitment to giving back to the community. Since its inception, the company continued to invest time, money and service to the community. PRAVANA’S full and complete range of continuously natural evolving hair care products includes hair color, styling, texturizing and after-color care to meet virtually every beauty need. Its philanthropic endeavors are guided by the commitment to City of Hope with a 5% donation of all sales from the NEVO hair care and styling line to help support research, treatment and education in the fight against cancer. The company believes in a hope for the cure!

The word PRAVANA is derived from an ancient Sanskrit phrase, which means ‘The Source of All Things’. The brand’s core mission is to deliver high performance beauty solutions to salon professionals and their clients a range of innovative hair care products that are formulated from only the best, and most natural ingredients.

PRAVANA hair care and hair color products come free of parabens, sulfates, cocamide DEA, phthalates, formaldehyde, and many other ingredients known to be harmful to users or the environment.

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#6 Redken

Redken, an American hair care brand, was founded by Paula Kent, who revolutionized the professional Hair care industry for salons and clients of salons. She had a great interest in science. Her dedication and pioneering spirit have taken the brand to the level where it is today with 9 million Google searches for Redken annually.

These salon-quality products benefit in the following ways:

Strong Strands:

  • Specially formulated to fortify hair and leaves hair healthier than it was before coloring
  • Protein extracts penetrate deep into each strand and leaves it stronger, silkier, and manageable to style

No Ammonia:

Contains little to no ammonia, which means there are no harsh smells, no adverse skin reactions, and no damage to the hair’s cuticle during coloring.

100% Coverage:

The pigments used in Redken products are very intense to cover the entire strand. They leave a flawless finish to last through many shampoos.


Redken adds conditioning treatments to their hair colors. These added conditioners help soften even the coarse grays and make hair shiny, healthy, and manageable.

Large Color Palette:

The extensive color palette ranges from highlights to bold options, allowing you to define your look. You may custom blend colors to create a unique style.

Hair experts from around the world have made Redken® products their top choice in coloring and maintaining their clients’ hair. Redken offers permanent and demi-permanent hair color.

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#7 Wella

Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ true creativity in defining beauty for over 130 years. The company began in the 19th century in Germany, inspired by the vision and passion of Franz Stroher – a hairdresser. Fully qualified as a hairdresser, Stroher, driven by his passion, set off to Paris to learn about the latest hair fashion at that time.The first hair balm Koleston, designed to protect and nourish hair, was introduced by Wella in 1950. Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor appeared in Koleston advertising in 1954. In the 1960s for the first time, the company launched Wella Privat, a salon-exclusive product range that allowed customers take professional-style products home.

In 2014, Wella patented a new molecule – ME+ as a substitute for PPD. PPD stands for p-phenylenediamine, which is present in most of the colouring products to fix the colour. It is known to cause mild to severe allergic reactions. The ME+ is currently used in the Wella Professionals colour brand Koleston Perfect Innosense – the first permanent colour product to be approved by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation(ECARF).

Key features of Wella colors:

  • Long-lasting, fade resistant results
  • Covers the most resistant grays
  • Economical (1:2 mix ratio)
  • Vibrant palette without boundaries in neutral, ash, red, gold and warm shades
  • up to 60% more conditioning than the key competitor
  • up to 43% more shine as compared to untreated hair

The company continued introducing one product after another for both women and men that were considered safe. During 2012 – 2016 the company received a number of recognition and awards for delivering excellence in styling and beauty.

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Final Verdict

Many hair colors that are available in the market today are made from chemicals and contain harmful products that may cause permanent damage to your hair and to you. It is therefore very important to find out about the reputation of the brand and how safe it is for you. The reality is we shall not find any product that is 100% natural. But that reality does not leave us choice-less. Still there are age-old good brands that think about human safety as they manufacture hair colors. In this review, we have carefully picked a number of good brands that offer a diverse range of color and highlighting options as well as contain safe ingredients.

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