About US

Welcome to my site https://charminsider.com. I am Maria Lira, the mastermind of the site. Since the age of 16, I felt an unbridled passion in myself to find about beauty and health secrets. Questions like why the skin of a 16-year-old looks so beautiful, while that of a many in their 50s don’t. I wondered why some people in their 40s still glow, while others don’t? ‘What makes this difference?’ – I kept thinking.

I kept asking these questions to others but all tended to relate this to age except an uncle who said, ‘People lose teenage beauty with age, which is a natural process. But some lose it too early and others still glow and shine even in their 50s. My little girl, you study and find out why that happens.

His answers made me highly inquisitive to find out the answers to my queries and this is how I started studying relevant documents in libraries, online, magazines at that young age. Interestingly, as I kept reading, I found answers to more questions than I begin with.

As my exploration went on, I have observed over the years that many people across the world are constantly searching for answers to questions I was trying to find out already. At that point, my personal research project, which started out of inquisitiveness, took a new turn. I felt a commitment inside that today or tomorrow I shall help others getting the right answers that they will practically find useful in solving their problems.

I am 28 years now and in these years my knowledge-base has become wider in this particular area of my interest. I now focus more on scientific solutions that help people stay young from inside out, look beautiful and glamorous inside out and stay healthy inside out. My site is an information hub for you, if you are one of those, who are actively looking for useful health and beauty tips, and solutions.